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i met a nimbin shaman witch girl who transformed the night,  Sulman prize entry 2024
i met a nimbin shaman witch girl who transformed the night, Sulman prize entry 2024
acrylic on canvas
91cm by 152cm

"taxi" they cry on the street

what do we have here then,nimbin rocks male boys initiation site for bundjalung men, the crystal i found on the thimble at nimbin rocks and i left there ( i did have permission from an elder at nimbin rocks mission to walk there), shamen tyrone making the ultimate leap from the pinnacle to the next dimension,lillian rock,the bush turkey dreaming of mount warning, the chieftain of mount warning dreaming, the womens birthing site of tuntable creek,the flying Nimbinjee people dreaming of nimbin, the lane that no longer exists,the hand of wiki , the moth from the rainbow temple, and that night i met the shaman witch girl who transformed the night,
and the means of transformation old and new,even the buddha mate
for those meditating new age boho cyber hippies

maybe its really old nimbin as now it currently slowly loses its soul to developers,real estate agents and lawyers buying it all up for airbnb.
its old style smoking cafe culture, free thinking vibe lost when the museum and rainbow cafe were lost, and with the crackdown on the lane boys, though hopefully the communities in the hills around nimbin keep the old traditions alive,
sums up what a pathetic era we live in when the rich 10% exclude you,
and i mean you the 90% from access to the living planet, and its riches.

always had a soft spot for nimbin, but i prefer the old nimbin with the old dirt road in, horses in the street, 4.20 at the hempbar cafe...drums under the flickering lights, long long ago, time you try to grab hold of her and she is gone