2d digital comp > happy feet prepublicity images

happy feet pre publicity image factoryship
happy feet pre publicity image factoryship
2d on 3d digital

happy feet pre publicity images copyright
Warner Bros and Animal Logic

addional photography phil whiteley
3d ship texture, sky net fog comp
camera pos and render phil whiteley.

sea,boat shape and mumble renders Animal Logic.

Let me tell you a story, of a night in 1993
years before happy feet in 2004/2006.
i had a waking vision of exactly this image
and the words "uh oh here comes the fisherman"
immediately after the vision i stuck a
movie ticket i had on the lounge wall.
and i wrote the vision down in the diaries
i kept.

proof that time does indeed jump forward
given certain conditions.

its as though although human beings
think they are acting, doing, in some
way its preordained.