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i didnt intentionally put palestinain colours on this image as i was just doing a set of gremlin knights, but since eveybody seems to wish to declare war on each other, i thought we could listen to the gremlins actually talk about peace, and no the moslems are not the gremlins,
i just liked green and red knights and moslem architecture, but now i
am going to get accused of, backing sides thru symbolism,.... well i back all sides that are peaceful, its making me now wonder wether i should remove all weapons from my imagery, war stories are best kept in the story book,
these gremlins were supposed to fight orcs, but i see now i am being orcist, and should not want to harm orcs...clearly sai baba needs more
time with me.

so as my knights have been hijacked time to talk peace

in essence we are all the same race, ironically that is especially true for the israelis and the palestinians, how many years do you have to go back in time to find out your fore fathers and mothers were actually the same persons, if hamas saw the israelis as their parents, and the israelis saw hamas as their parents, this conflict would have been avoided, do either side really want conflict no, its some strange misplaced sense of ego and pride that denies the other side a voice or a life. The nazis denied the israelis a life, the israelis deny the palestinins a life, the moslems
deny the jews a voice, the jews deny the moslems a voice, and yet the moslems have the prophet jesus, who is the same jesus in christianity,

the current issues in israel come from the balfour agreement,that denied the
palestiniams a right to live or a voice in their own land, and gave all the prime agricultural land to the israelis, do i agree with the violence both sides subject each other to, absolutely not,both sides are clearly
men and women of violence and they have no place at all in the modern world, there has to be some system in the united nations that teaches a world unity, that plainly is in a total crisis, an eye for eye, a life for a life, is simply getting the world nowhere.

anyway for an understanding of the balfour agreement that caused the current mess.

how to solve it well its called peace talks, the israeli plan to remove all palestinians from israel, is only going to cause more arabs to side with the palestinians against israel.

so dear hamas and dear israeli govt stop acting like jealous angry kids,
and behave like peaceful wisemen, whatever has happened in the past, even
in the last 5 days, bombing the shit out of each other only creates even more hatred between both sides,....use the ghandhi approach protest your utmost but peacefully....it is actually quite possible...quite simply the israelis have shat upon the palestinians since 1948, why?

why do moslems want to cut off christian heads, why?

why do moslem leaders hate women, why? i am not saying all,
buf afghans not letting girls go to school, and do the job they wish to do, and the iranian morality police killing women and their supporters.

why do christians spend their time bombing moslem countries, why?

have you ever listened to that person you killed, while they pleaded for their life, if you are the killer on either side, its about time you started listening to the rest of the peaceful world.

both sides need to grow up, and realise everyone has a right to their own god and their way of life, no one way is the only way, and if you kill others to enforce your one way, whoever side you are on, you are in the wrong....and their is no god who will let you off that one, the only paradise that will await you is a reincarnation probably in the race of the people you killed, so god teaches you a lesson.

i could be wrong maybe god/goddess is ultimately one of total forgiveness, but why he/she puts up with this continual my religion is better than yours bullshit...when all gods are the same god....duurh.