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the blue mosque
the blue mosque

after the blue mosque in istambul, which we as a family visited, and my dear mum used to work as a nurse in istambul at one time,
so this is for her,
what god is prayed to in a mosque the same one you pray to in a church,
they are the one who created it all , all of us, they may be christian, or moslem,or hindhu, or buddhist, all the different religions actually worship that same original person or entity, or god or goddess.

you all go to pray to that same person in times of trouble,...
and yet our leaders do not clearly listen to the message they recieve.

all they seem to want is war while the rest of us wish for peace.
all they seem to want is for the 10% to be rich and the rest poor and homeless, which god wishes for that?

blue is the colour of the sky and water, appers on christian flags,
green is the colour of plants appears on moslem flags
red is the colour of the earth appears on all flags

well you need the earth,plants,water and sky to exist,