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what is the matterbox,
the matterbox is the weapon to be used
against those who kill people with their armies,
we all know who these people are,
and yet society left, right,capitalist,communist,
rich and poor, conspires at every level
to allow these people to exist,

within the matterbox lies the fight between evil and good,
the good always wins, how long does it take evil to learn this,
every generation the war in the matterbox needs to be won again.

currently the exoplanet is in great danger from forces
that believe their ideals are worth more than the souls
they currently destroy, this battle is not only waged
on the current wars battlefield, but in every level of society,
between those who have too much and those who have little or nothing,
there are those who seek to deny you a home,or even build one
or even the means to work, they believe their ideals or even their
thinking is better than your own, they deny you to even have
a voice or path to betterment...they will cut you off while attempting
to speak,essentially they seek to kill you politically and mentally.

it is against these people you must use the matterbox,
do they fear the matterbox, yes rightly they do,
it is that which they seek to control but by definition
cannot, free citizens arise use the matterbox

some say the matterbox is not needed, that your thoughts alone
create your reality, well did you create the bomb that flattened your house, the society that put you on the street,the boss who took it all.

mind is the weapon...message from the commander