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the putdown
the putdown

the putdown ,
a uniquely human animal quality as practiced by those in power,
i remember you, all of you...as we all do.
it takes a lot of thinking before speaking if you do not wish
to invoke the wolf, that shapeshifter that lies within all of us,
the paw the sign of the wolf

learn this, this wolf never submits to the putdown, but he has a bloody good memory.....

only the wolfs human quality of forgiveness will save you, are you listening those in power.

i listen only to those who have
a calm mind it's the ultimate mind it's a true understanding of who we aspire to be, those in power seem to do their best to bring out the animal mind, why? ask them, they leave it to those they tread on to forgive their actions.

As for myself calmness is what i find most difficult, art is about showing the totality of emotions we humans face,...right now putin, and the bosses of western arms and commercial capitalist
monopolies desperately need to understand the nature of
our reality and reach that state of calmness that sees
every living being as a part of the same god/goddess