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the box only open in buddhas prescence
the box only open in buddhas prescence
acrylic on cardboard box

strange how you are
attracted to the box

lifes lessons contained herein,

our words/actions decide our lifes path
words are hard to undo.
as is the path of life
you choose following
those words

its funny how you remember every
single word and event in your
life as though it was yesterday

the reason i study sai baba and
buddhism is to make
sense of lifes rocky road.
in my case its like i need to
read the stuff daily to even
make the slightest progress.

your only limitation lies in your
mind, do not worry about the
limitations of others minds
that do not see your potential,as i do.
why let others limit your potential
though they might make a great
effort to do so....
its as though they do not
wish success for all but
only themselves.

those words/actions you use today
do they help you and others
become their best or do they
hinder them?

undoing words/actions is much
harder...if you
continually use them without
saying to yourself how can
i do it differently or
correct the past mistakes
by using a better set
of words/actions

dont limit yourself
and more importantly
dont limit others thru them