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big big
big big
acrylic on paper

finsbury park early work still my
state of mind some would say
very big big

I used to live at the time next to a
cypriot turk Ali, his room was
always black dark had nothing in it
but a big rubbish bag full of cans
of special carlsberg and b&h fag
stubs. It was a very big bag
hundreds of cans and fags
years worth, maybe this was
the bag.It was lit by a single
plain bulb directly over the bag.
That was it.

Very david lynch was Ali's room,
he loved to play james brown
on repeat.

Happily he returned to cyprus
to grow tomatoes for his dad.

Alcohol and fags are shit, I
used to sell cigarettes and
looking back see it was
karma, what happened
in the blood.

Painted Finsbury Park,
London in the room next
to Ali.

painting copyright phil whiteley