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voodoo selfportrait versus voodoo mike
voodoo selfportrait versus voodoo mike
acrylic on cardboard

This is for michael buchannon,
bundjalung mike,aboriginal mike
as he used to say" we dont do
the shit we stir the shit". I hope
his spirit makes it to ulhuru.
I can see him now sitting cross
legged on the streets of nimbin,
wearing his black keith richards
style top hat with a feather in it
....voodoo mike powerful master
of nimbin.
{His hat still lives on with his
spirit at the hemp embassy.}

Though having said that a lot
of voodoo lies within my soul
probably the effect of being
brought up in Khartoum. I am
a great believer of magic old
and new.

this is the most powerful
image on this site, merely
looking at it causes the
shapeshifter to enter your
plane of existence
there are 2 points in space
yours, and the shapeshifters
they are now the same..
the 3rd point is manifested

that being said..the
shapeshifter has adopted the
teachings of sai...
so all is well

but then again a true shapeshifter
what is his/her true nature
their voodoo,
depends on their wish

Painted in Dundas, nsw, aus
painting copyright phil whiteley