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goldtop bluemeany dance
goldtop bluemeany dance

its like the world glows phosphor
at night its like avatar is real
on the shroom

rumour has it:
the whole nature of what exactly
is reality, the nature of atomic matter
itself,aluminium glows phosphor xray green
the visible spectrum bandwidth
seen by your mind is widened
time jump portals opened, animal
awareness, the earths breathing spirit,
the true nature of trees as golden cities,
trees are a living electrical network,
reptilian aliens speaking thru atomic grids
positioned in the sky,
animal tracks glowing,
mushrooms glowing different colours.

all might be encountered.

can the mind accept what it sees,
a cautionary tale, i knew an acquaintence
in tuntable "cam", who used to partake,
and ended up thinking it was ok
to be naked on lismore campus, during
term time,...
i sort of agree..its the hippy way.
but those in power
had a different view and took him away

i will end by saying to any
young psychonauts do your
research properly, as to
the type of shroom, make a
mistake and it might cost
you your life,as to what is
the correct species you take.

even the goldtop has limits