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rave 1990s turnmills e1
rave 1990s turnmills e1
acrylic on cardboard packing

best time of your life 2am to 10am
sundays at turnmills trade e1, 1991-2
leaves you ...... till thurs
and then wanting to do it all again

though why the gates to the mind open
under such differing methods...amdm
you cant deny the high cannot be beaten,
but neither can the low..
is 8 hours up worth 3 days down

In the end it is your
thought alone that is the biggest gate.
What thought you wish to carry
at the moment a high or a low

not that i could do those youthful ways
these days, haven't done what i did then
since 1992, i think in retrospect
its too hard on the bodies system,
in a way i wished i realised that
earlier,the pleasure of life as it is,
is what you wish it to be.

the night shifts i did then,
i realise cost me someone i should not
have left at that time....

awaking in notting hill gate...
i so miss those days..sofar back in time
i realise now what i lost was her warm soul,
a normal life is what i should have
strived for then...

oh time...the great divider

copyright phil whiteley