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the research station deep in the forest
the research station deep in the forest
acrylic on packing cardboard

copyright phil whiteley

very little research done here
today since the age of steam,
coal,petrol,computer batteries
& solar panels
who even listens, who enters the
forest on its terms....
not the monkey who left and thought
s/he could live without it.
where is our compass to guide
us today

given the choice between a solarpanel
and a battery or a tree?

i would
take the tree gives food and oxygen,

a choice greenies have forgotten
sipping their lattes from their suv.

the tree is more important than 1000
solar panels, they alone consume Co2
with millions of trees you can have
coal power, they could consume all
the Co2 from what are dead trees
in the form of coal.

solar panels will heat the atmosphere
as they reflect heat, the batteries generate
waste acid, heavy metal and plastic pollution
that will only be seen when the billions of
batteries are made to go supposedly
"green and clean"

i am not denying solar is greener and freer
energy, and should be used.

but planting billions of trees
is a quicker solution to global
warming, hemp grows in arid
conditions, supplies food, clothing,
cooking oil...and stops global warming.
as they convert Co2 to oxygen
and are far cheaper than solar panels,
which do not
supply food or clothing or
cooking oil...and cant by themselves
change Co2 into oxygen