Philip Whiteley  3d 2d artist illustrator CV
cunnax interface
gouache on board
I knew this girl or should
i say she knew me, the
split personality that
controlled me in Finsbury
Park in the 80's. Only those
around me then really know
all that is known. My god
how she burned with the sun.
Maybe you once saw an
amazing thing. Maybe you
have seen a glimpse too.

The clothing is what I used
to make, unforunately rubber
latex has a short shelf life
and essentially melts over
the years so i doubt much
exists except in memory.

Perhaps I was glimpsing a
future at the monitor, at this
time computers for retouching
hardly existed.If at all.

"I have seen amazing things"
Roy Batty Blade Runner

Painted Finsbury Park, London.

painting copyright phil whiteley
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