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dune days...phils antismoking ad
dune days...phils antismoking ad
gouache on board

how i used to walk the streets
lit up like a god in duneworld

when you are younger dreams
seem to possess you more
this is an illusion dreams are
forever making you

Halfway houses have occupied
a bit of my time recently, scary
but can offer alternatives that
you might not see if you allow
them to ....words learnt.
There are many sorts of Halfway
House perhaps you are in one
now perhaps we are always

I will now tell you a true story
it has one purpose to stop
you smoking. It might be the
most important part of my
website as it might save
your life at a later point
especially if you are young
and think yourself somehow
immune to the way the
body is engineered, it has
nothing to do with liking
smoking or what you
smoke the facts remain
the same

I notice now the logo bears
a remarkable resemblance
to a spiral CT scanner a
machine that helped save
my life. Thanks to all those
fine nurses and doctors on
Manly North Shore.I had
PE clots on the lungs.The
fine efforts of IC unit thru
those dark nights at least
I know what blood looks
like free flowing from your
wrist when an artery line
comes loose. Strangely
like someone had turned
on the warm tap.I always
think of that now as the
human robot repairyard,
flashing lights,beeps.
Strangely I never felt pain.
Taught these guys and
girls work miracles, they
may be all flow charts and stats.
But your stat improves the
next ones chance.I had
to play strange mental
games visual the clearing
of sandstone tunnels I
saw as the vessels in my
lungs. While the student
docs and this was a
teaching hospital injected
the clot eating bacteria.
With Kev having the whole
of Hillsong pray.I must
say I dont know how they
do it the sight of a cut
knuckle bone gives me
the shivers, I only tell
this story my stat to you
if you happen to be a
smoker doesnt matter
what you smoke cigarettes
or pot. Both have resin that
breaks the barrier into the
blood of the lung.That
resin will build up over the
years and maybe form a
blockage.Mine was made
more probable by the fact
my heart beats irregularly
the twists and eddies
caused make it worse.
Will you beat the odds,
mine statistically was
1 out of 4 make it out
alive. Lucky Phil.
You smoke at some
point this will be your
Halfway House. Every
person I have tried for
days to stop smoking
and for me when I was
younger I used to smoke
a joint and a half at
weekends I would never
have listened, eat it never
smoke it. I havent smoked
since 1999 when this
occured it put the total fear
of god into me. I wouuld not
even in my deepest day
smoke again.
Pulmonary Embollism,
it is called in french
La Petite Morte

You cannot breathe, you
cannot absorpb enough
oxygen to stand up, in
doing so you cold black
out or white heat out
Your sight goes to full white
full of intense shining stars.
I thought I had a really
bad case of the flu, as it
starts in that way.
What you cannot see is
your blue face if you are alone
or know about the blue
fingernails you have. You
are on 25% of your normal
oxygen for 2 weeks, causing
tissue and organ damage,
Your heart swells up to by
a half trying to force blood thru.
Still smoking.
You recover in the respiratory
unit to see a guy with a tube
going into his lungs draining
into a jar, the sound and the
Learn the stats smokers.
The other 3 didnt make it
there was no Happy Feet,
no journeys round Australia.

Though at Manly Teaching
Hospital the other 3 made it.
They would have tried
everything. They cheered
when I left ICU i was there
miracle.This was
my greatest Halfway House,
I stand I walk I breathe.

SAID, learn from others

Painted Meeting House Lane
Council Estate PecKham, London.

painting copyright phil whiteley