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birthday party the dim locator 4ad poster best
birthday party the dim locator 4ad poster best
birthday party the dim locator 4ad poster

purely for historical archives,

i used to be an alien goth,
the movie set was the
pavement.at one point,

i walked the streets as an alien
( no hollywood pretend for me)

so that was then,
to me today the image is a bit
hardcore ....who was number 9
was it hers or was it mine,
it was her time and mine
entwinned number 9...
the thing is the snake
always seeks its resting place
its hollow..its number

the dim locator giger
reissue airbrush artwork.

"I am the dim locator" nick cave

quite why i wanted to live
in the
world of alien havent
a clue you have different
heros at different times
i suppose, too dark now
or is that too light

found out i couldnt paint
my bedroom black like giger
way too depressing stopped
halfway and painted white
so much for the goth 80s days

I did have fun trying to mimic
gigers use of metal stencils,
all mine are hand painted
but he used metal masks.
I tried to duplicate it using
sulphuric acid on brass
but only ended up with
no metal and spectular
luminous green smoke.
The acid was hard to
obtain because some
kid was on the underground
throwing it on to people at
that time.The things
we do in the name of art.

Painted Meeting House Lane
council estate, Peckham, London.

Painting copyright phil whiteley